Education is one of the most important aspects of our mission. GPos currently offers workshops and seminars on a variety of topics. We can also work with you to develop a custom workshop. Whether for on-site, a corporate retreat or a public conference, GPos can provide training to meet your needs. Contact us with any questions.

On-line Tutorials


  • Introduction to GPS Processing Using NGS' PAGES Software (for Microsoft® Windows® or Unix®/Linux® )
    This is an intense four to six hour introduction to the basics of processing GPS data with the National Geodetic Survey's PAGES software suite. A sample data set is processed step-by-step giving the participants a "jump start" for their own processing . Typically, this presentation is coupled with an additional day of hands-on training using the participant's own computer and data. Note that this presentation can be tailored for a Unix®/Linux® or a Windows® operating system. If both systems are to be discussed, allow eight hours for the presentation.
  • Things Your Parents Never Told You About PAGES
    There are a wealth of options, characteristics and quirks in the PAGES software suite which are rarely mentioned in basic processing but the knowledge of which is essential for achieving the highest accuracies possible. This four hour presentation describes some of the aspects of network design, data editing and option selection which allow users to get the most out of their data (good or bad). This is not PAGES training but, rather, describes some of the models of physical processes, basic mathematical concepts and techniques used in PAGES and vector processing in general.
  • The Models Used in GPS Data Processing
    This four hour presentation describes some of the models of physical processes, basic mathematical concepts and techniques behind GPS vector processing in general. Special emphasis will be placed on characteristics that affect mid-range baseline processing, i.e. a few tens to a few hundreds of kilometers, but many topics will apply to shorter and longer baselines. All descriptions will be supported with real world examples. The presentation is designed to give the audience the knowledge, background and insight needed to understand and explain the process to others. Basic knowledge of any GPS data processing suite is useful but not essential.
2009-02-15 18:41 UTC