Our personnel have over 40 years experience building and maintaining monitoring projects. We use that experience to insure that every aspect of your project is a success. Contact us for pricing information or questions about any of the services described below.

We will work with you to clearly identify your needs and find the most effective way to meet those needs. Whether we are contracting the entire project or a single antenna mount, we can design a solution to meet your goals.
We recognize and respect that the project site is your responsibility. However, safety is everyone's responsibility and our primary consideration. We can design an installation plan and work with your organization to install the equipment or install the equipment for you in an efficient and safe manner.
Wired or wireless, analog or digital, we can transfer your data to its destination reliably and securely. We can also create tools for reformatting, interpreting and displaying your data.
Whether you want a new network or an update to an existing one, we consider simplicity, reliability and security the keys to successfully networking your hardware and people.
We can design and build a digital data archiving system to fit your specifications. On- or off-site, we can create a solution to fit your needs for security and availability.
Data Processing Software
We can provide software and training to enable you to handle almost any project. In addition, we can build specialized software tools or modify an existing tool to fit your specific needs.
Processing Solutions
We can process your data for you and provide those results in a timely manner via secure Internet or physical media. We can also design personalized displays for public or secure presentations of those results on- or off-line.
We provide a variety of support options designed to meet almost any needs for reliability and timeliness. This includes a toolbox of utilities, ancillary and time-dependent data files, and other resources for downloading.

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