Kintools is an interactive program for processing kinematic, GPS data; in other words, GPS data taken when one set of equipment is moving and a reference set is stationary. By using the double-difference technique, the need for additional information is minimized and some aspects of the processing simplified. Kintools can use single- or dual-frequency phase and pseudorange observations, can determine phase ambiguities automatically and allows for some data editing.

Generally intended for projects in which the moving station (rover) travels no more than a few tens of kilometers from the reference station, kinematic solutions are possible when the stations are separated by hundreds of kilometers. While Kintools has proven to be very successful in processing data 100+ kilometers from a reference station, the rate of success for processing such data drops, sometimes dramatically, as the distance between stationary and moving site increases. Any user should consider this very carefully before undertaking such a project. Kintools can also be used for static processing, i.e. neither station is moving, under observation configurations similar to those for the kinematic processing.

In addition to Kintools itself, we offer personalized, hands-on training starting with a variety of standardized data sets and ending with your own data. We also offer data processing services. Contact us if you don't have the time, experience or resources for data processing, or you have challenging data sets that seem beyond recovery.


2009-02-15 18:42 UTC