International On-line Positioning User Service

IOPUS allows your staff or customers to submit their GPS data files to your web site, where the data will be processed to determine a position. The submitted data file will be processed with respect to three of your or International GNSS Service CORS sites. The sites selected may not be the nearest to the data site but, rather, are selected by distance, number of observations, site stability and other indicators that the site will contribute to a high-quality solution. The position for submitted data will be reported back to the customer via email in ITRF coordinates as well as UTM northing and easting.

IOPUS is completely automatic and requires only a minimal amount of information from the user:

  1. The email address where the user wants the results sent
  2. The data file that the user wants to process (which he or she may select using a browse feature).
  3. The antenna type used to collect this data file (selected from a list of calibrated GPS antennas).
  4. The height of the Antenna Reference Point (ARP) above the monument or mark that the user is positioning.
  5. As an option, the user may select up to three base stations to be used in determining their solution.

Once this information is complete, a click of the Upload button sends the user's data to your website. The results will be emailed back to the user, usually within a few minutes. The user can even upload multiple data files in a zip archive if desired.

IOPUS is considered a research tool. Its results are provided "as is" without any guarantee, and the results are not sanctioned by any civil, state or federal authority. IOPUS is a complete system: hardware, software, installation, setup with customization and internationalization, and training. You need to provide an appropriate environment for the hardware, suitably reliable power and internet access, and a point of contact for the minimal on-site maintenance of the equipment.


2009-02-15 18:42 UTC