General Positioning LLC (GPos) is a leading provider in monitoring infrastructure. From design to installation to implementation, we take pride in helping make your project a success. If you have any questions about the products or services shown here, please contact us.

Kintools is our GPS kinematic positioning program.
Although Kintools can be configured to run as a "black box" for simple projects, its real power lies in its graphic user interface which allows users to tackle those challenging data sets with confidence. Kintools is suitable for a wide range of projects: LIDAR, photogrammetry and other flights, large or small area rapid-static surveys, structure monitoring and many others. Of course we provide training and data processing services.
International On-line Positioning User Service
Mimicking the popular NGS OPUS service, IOPUS is a web-based system that allows your staff or customers to submit their static GPS data files to your web site and receive a high-quality position via email within minutes. We offer IOPUS as a complete system: hardware, software, installation, setup and training with customization to the "look-and-feel" of your web site. All you need is some space, power and connection to the internet. What could be simpler?
Vupos is more than a plotting program.
This Java™ program can run on almost any platform and display a wide variety of X-Y or T-Y data stored in simple text files. When coupled with our software or the NGS PAGES suite, Vupos becomes a powerful display, diagnosis and editing tool.

News / Events
"Whole Lotta Shakin` Goin` On", describing some of the results from the Mackinac Bridge monitoring project, is on-line at Point of Beginning.

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